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May 25, 2010 / Malcolm Dalebö

Fertilizer: Blood Fish and Bone

Blood, Fish and Bone fertilizer contains the three major nutrients for strong and healthy plant growth. The nitrogen in Blood, Fish & Bone encourages strong growth and healthy rich green foliage, whilst the slow steady release of phosphate promotes vigorous root growth. The added potash promotes flower colour and improves ripening of fruit and vegetables.
Blood, Fish and Bone is an organic fertiliser of animal origin containing 5% nitrogen and 5% phosphorus pentoxide and 6% potassium oxide in the form of dried and ground fishmeal, blood and bonemeal with added potash fertiliser.
Blood, Fish and Bone gives a slow release, balanced feed (over roughly 6 weeks) that will benefit your allotment plants. The Nitrogen content encourages strong growth and healthy foliage while the slowly-released Phosphorus aids root development and the Potash promotes flower colour.

In the main, Blood Fish and Bone is used:

  • To raise the fertility of unimproved ground. 
  • To increase soil nutrients following a hungry crop. 
  • Used before vegetables that need to make a lot of growth in a fairly short time. 
  • As a balanced plant food to boost all-around fertility. 
  • It should not adversely affect flower and fruiting as nitrogenous feeds can do. 
  • Easy to store and handle when you don’t like manure.
NPK: 5-5-6

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