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April 13, 2010 / Malcolm Dalebö

Potato crisps are dangerous

The humble packet of crisps was yesterday revealed as the most dangerous food to eat while driving.
Millions of motorists have crashed while driving and eating, a study found. The survey revealed that it has caused one in 20 drivers to have an accident or a near-miss.
Unwrapping chocolate bars and trying to open fizzy drinks bottles caused one in 10 to crash or come close to it. Clearing up mess or litter and spilling food or drink on oneself is also a major cause of accidents.
Yet six out of 10 people regularly eat and drink behind the wheel, found the study by i-kube, makers of a curfew device that cuts insurance premium for youngsters by measuring driving time. And that’s despite half rating it as dangerous as using a mobile phone at the wheel.
A spokesman said: “Despite the danger, millions of drivers still eat or drink when driving. No matter how hard you try, it takes some of your concentration off the road.”


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