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April 8, 2010 / Malcolm Dalebö

Discover Miners Lettuce

Miner’s Lettuce, also called Winter Purslane, but correctly called Claytonia perfoliata is a vegetable that has become overlooked in England.

It is a frost hardy annual, growing to a height of 30 cm (1′). It has small white flowers in summer. The whole plant is edible and can be grown as a cut-and-come-again crop. It is good as a winter crop or for use in early spring.

The common name Miner’s lettuce refers to its use by California gold rush miners who ate it to get their vitamin C to prevent scurvy. It can be eaten as a leaf vegetable. Most commonly it is eaten raw in salads, but it is not quite as delicate as other lettuce. Sometimes it is boiled like spinach, which it resembles in taste.


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