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March 30, 2010 / Malcolm Dalebö

Vegetable hates

Celery has been named the UK’s most-hated vegetable in a new top 10, with one in four admitting to detesting its taste.

According to a new survey of Britain’s eating habits, cabbage is also a very unpopular addition to our dining tables – with 16 per cent of those polled not being fans.

And it seems many of us blame school dinners for our dislike of certain foods, with one in six admitting they were behind their dislike of greens.
Parsnips and mushrooms also come top of Brits’ most-hated veggies lists according toNotcutts, with cauliflower and cucumber following closely behind.

The full list is below:

  1. Celery 
  2. Cabbage 
  3. Parsnip 
  4. Mushrooms 
  5. Cauliflower 
  6. Cucumber 
  7. Tomatoes 
  8. Onions 
  9. Peas 
  10. Carrots 
I am surprised to see peas, mushrooms, cucumbers and tomatoes also on the list as they seem so popular when I go around supermarkets. But what surprises me most of all is that Brussel Sprouts do not appear on the list, none of my children or grand children like them, but they are one of our personal favourite vegetables.


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