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February 19, 2010 / Malcolm Dalebö

Discover: Scorzonera Maxima

Often known as Black Salsify (Scorzonera and Salsify are closely related), this really is an interesting vegetable which should be better known and more widely grown – as it is on the Continent, where it is treated as a gourmet vegetable, as they appreciate and enjoy its unique oyster like flavour. 

Scorzonera is an interesting vegetable that is a member of the Daisy family. It is easy to grow, untroubled by pests and will stand in the ground over the Winter to be pulled for the table as and when required.

This fairly recent variety has the added benefit that it is all but resistant to bolting and heavy yielding.

A real delicacy with a truly delicate flavour. Ready for use from early November, either lifted direct or stored in sand throughout the winter. 

The outer black skin should be scraped off and roots cooked in similar way to Parsnips.

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